"The Book of Acts: Unstoppable Church!"

"The Book of Acts: Unstoppable Church!" -verse-by-verse through the story of the early church

Shipwrecked on the way to Rome - 3.21.21
On Trial because of Hope In God's Promise - 3.14.21
Paul Appears before Festus and Herrod Agrippa - 3.7.21
A Troublemaker for Jesus- 2.28.21
The Lord tells Paul he will Preach the Good News in Rome too! - 2.21.21
What's Your Defense?
Paul Arrives in Jerusalem
More Precious Than Life
Paul's Third Missionary Journey
Don't be Afraid! Speak Out! Don't be Silent!
11|29|2020 Engaging The Culture!
11|22|2020 “Paul begins his 2nd Missionary Journey” Guest Speaker Harvey Sherlin
11|15|2020 “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us.” Acts 15
11|08|2020 Through Many Tribulations
11|01|2020 Cross-cultural Message Bearers Sent!
10|25|2020 The Critical Question Pastor David Platt
10|11|2020 God Granted Repentance that leads to Life!
10|04|2020 Gentiles Hear the Good News
09|27|2020 Saul Helps the Church Mulitply!