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Slowing Down to be with Jesus in 2022                    1/23/2022

“Silence and Solitude” (1 Kings 19:11-12; Psalm 37:7a; 46:10)


*Which one of the rhythms did you pick to take a next step in?

Who did/will you do it with? _____________ When: ____________



1)   Discipleship is not additional, it’s being intentional; both organized and organic. Predictable patterns are key.

2)   6 Discipleship Rhythms that everyone lives in:

#1—Story-formed: Everyone has a story as part of God’s Story.

#2—Listen: Listen more than speaking.

#3—Celebrate: Invite others to celebrate with you!

#4—Eat: 21 meals per week = 21 discipleship opportunities.

#5—Bless: We get to bless others through words, gifts, actions.

#6—Recreate: “Rest—Create” Rest in Christ and His completed work on the cross; make time to rest, play, create, restore beauty to reflect God to others (Sabbath); work FROM rest.


Silence and Solitude

*When was the last time I was silent before the Lord? ___________

*When last did I seek out solitude to be with the Lord? __________


1.    Definitions:

a.    Silence: the practice of quieting every inner and outer voice to be with and focus on God.

b.    Solitude: the practice of being absent from people and things to be with and focus on God.


2.    Purpose of silence and solitude: Slows my life down to help me be in loving union with Jesus. Don’t ask or expect anything; just BE in God’s presence.


3.    Where do we see silence and solitude in the Bible? (1 Kings 19:11-12; Hab 2:20; Zeph 1:7; Isaiah 30:15-16; 41:1; Ecc 3:7; Pro 17:28; Job 33:33; Mt 6:5-6; 14:13; 12:15; 26:31-45; Lk 5:16)


4.   1.    Why are silence & solitude so crucial to a Christ-follower’s life?

a.    Reminds me that I am not in charge of the universe.

b.    Surrenders my will to God’s.

c.    Helps me be aware of Jesus’ continuous presence.

d.    Enables me to hear God.

e.    Helps me be less anxious and triggered.

f.     _________________________________________________


5.    Why is practicing silence and solitude so hard?

o  _________________________________________________

o  We are afraid what we might uncover about ourselves.

o  Because we are so self-reliant.


6.    How? God has perfectly ordered the world and your life for being discipled and for making other disciple-makers.

a.    Plan daily, weekly, monthly, annually.


b.    Be intentional about your “desert” place.


c.    Pray and read Scripture or journal before you start.


d.    Start with 2 minutes. Set a timer. Get in the habit of doing “Daily Offices” ____________________ 2 or 3 times a day.                (Ps 119:164; Dan 6:10; Acts 3:1)


e.    What do I do when my mind wanders? “Abba, Father, Jesus


Apply It/Resources:

--Daily Office Prayer Guide

--Podcast: Surrender to Jesus…(example Daily Office), Dec. 21, 2021  

--Psalms in 30 Days--Trevin Wax

--Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day-by-Day book—P. Scazzero

--Centering Prayer

--Transforming Center


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