Last weeks sermon Watch last weeks sermon (10.18.2020) Persecution Intensifies- Acts 12:1-25

Sermon Notes

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“Persecution Intensifies” Acts 12:1-25 (Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020)

Review: Every Christ-follower has a role in taking the gospel to the nations! I am, or might be, a:

  •   Pray-er
  •   Sender (Giver)
  •   Welcomer
  •   Mobilizer
  •   Goer

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Acts 12:1-25

vv. 1-5

1.   James, one of the 12, brother of John, son of Zebedee, was martyred. (Mark 10:35-40)


2.   Peter is arrested for the third time and is to be killed too for political gain. (Acts 4:3ff; 5:17ff; Jn 21:18)


3.   The church gathered and prayed earnestly for Peter. What drives prayer? Love (1Pe 4:7-8)

DQ: I would characterize my prayer life as:

  almost non-existent


  pretty regular

  consistent and earnest

  I am teaching others to pray

*What is one step you could take to be more consistent and earnest in your prayer life? _________________________  

vv. 6-11

1.   Peter was freed. If you are going to be free, you must obey the Lord’s instructions too.

DQ: God has overcome chains, soldiers, iron gates and prisons in the past, He can free me from ________________.

Talk about what is chaining you down/seems like a prison.

1.   God opens doors, but we have to choose to walk through them!

vv. 12-17

6.Gathering in “House Churches” for discipleship, worship, & prayer was part of their everyday rhythms.

Our 3 Discipleship Environments:

  • Missional Community (MC): ~6-15 people, including not-yet-believers; outward focus on reaching the lost & serving a specific group of people; weekly meal. 


  • DNA Group: 3-5 people of same gender, inward focus, discover through a weekly study, nurture each other’s hearts, act on what the Holy Spirit is calling us to do.  


  • 1-on-1 Discipling

DQ: Which one of the discipleship environments will I choose to be a part of or lead? _________________

vv. 18-23

1.   My #1 idol is often me. God hates pride. Stealing His glory is dangerous!

DQ: Look up these verses about pride and humility.

(Ja 4:6; Ps 75:4; Jere 9:23-24; Deut 8:2-3; Pr 15:25ff; 18:12)

What can we do to kill our pride? _______________________

v. 24 Despite persecution, the Word of God increased & multiplied! (Isa 55:10-11;Heb 4:12;Ro10:17;2Ti 3:16; 1Pe1:23)  

Engage before next Sunday: Acts 13:1-52